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Cape Irrigation Systems

We offer "Turnkey" irrigation solutions for your property or development.

Our focus is on commercial and institutional irrigation markets and we have completed a multitude of irrigation systems in residential estates and other housing schemes.

We offer the following range of services in turf, commercial and golf irrigation:

  • Design and specification of systems utilizing irrigation specific software. 
  • Design and supply of systems. 
  • Design supply and installation of systems. 
  • The maintenance and servicing of systems. 
  • Supply of irrigation material. 
  • The installation of irrigation systems. 
  • Pump station design and implementation. 
  • Borehole survey, drilling and equipping. 
  • Water treatment and purification plant, design and installation.
A well designed, installed and maintained irrigation system results in the protection of one of the most important resources on planet earth, which is water.
Water under the right pressure through a network of valves, pipes and eventually sprinkler nozzles and automated control will lead to the most efficient distribution of water in precise quantities and at the correct depths for the optimal uptake by plants in landscape environments. To this end, our well qualified, knowledgeable and experienced designers who abide by the SABI landscape and manufacturer’s design specifications and ever mindful of budget constraints, apply many years of experience to provide the most efficient irrigation systems. Our irrigation system installation teams are led by experienced team leaders and a nucleus of permanent personnel skilled at fitting and assembling all the components of a wide variety of different irrigation systems.

Certified Experts

  • We have successfully registered as an " Approved Supplier" on the Western Cape Supplier Database of the City of Cape Town.
  • We are registered with the CIDB as a level 5SH contractor capable of contracts valued at R6.5 million.

Quality Services

  • Recognised specialist Golf Course irrigation contractors
  • Selected by two leading American irrigation product manufacturers as "Select Contractors" in our field.
  • Installed in excess of 20 new golf course irrigation systems throughout South Africa.

Awards of Excellence - Landscape Irrigation Association of SA


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Athlone Stadium


New Metropolitan Golf Course


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